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Boy, 12, shows off crazy rugby skills

Thu, 25 Jul 2013
Ross Doogan, aged 12 and from Co Donegal.
Ross Doogan, aged 12 and from Co Donegal. © YouTube

A 12-year-old boy from Co Donegal has impressed thousands of people, after showing off his impressive rugby skills - including booting a ball over his house and into a wheelie bin.

Ross Doogan, who plays for Tir Chonaill RFC, coolly carries out lots of crazy trick shots on camera.

With stunning accuracy, he hits his target every time and seems completely unfazed by the difficulty of the shots.

With the whole performance set to music, Ross simply ends his video stating: "I'm Ross Doogan ..."

Then, casually kicking the rugby ball backwards over his head, he adds: "Thanks for watching."

And the ball lands square in a bin behind him. Easy as that.

Recently, French football legend Eric Cantona impressed with a rugby trick shot of his own during a charity game in his home country.

He took a penalty kick but, instead of scoring, deliberately dinged the ball off the crossbar.

But even King Cantona had to admit that he wasn't sure he could do it every time.

Years ago, another young sportsman created a stir when he showed off his own trick shots.

Co Down's Rory McIlroy was just nine when he appeared on the Kelly Show on UTV, chipping golf balls into a front-loading washing machine.

Ross's rugby video was posted online just under a fortnight ago and has already attracted more than 40,000 views - even drawing the attention of Ulster Rugby.

© UTV News

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